Fairytale & fantasy fine art photography

Carla Watkins is a photographic artist working in the realms of fantasy, magic & imagination, and different ways to look at the world. She lives & works on the north Essex coastline which suits her mermaid heart. 

Through her photography, alter ego work, mermaiding, larp, burlesque & cosplay, she creates images which could have come from a dream or from the pages of a book.

She also shoots pets, lifestyle portraiture & brand photography – come & play! 

Recent happenings…

Stepping up anyway

Stepping up anyway

Gosh, it's been longer than I thought since I wrote over here! As ever in my world, both everything and very little has changed. I'm still running around doing multiple things, I'm still rarely seen without my camera, and I'm still very much my own boss. It's been a...

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