It’s been what feels like forever since I had a chance to work on something just for fun, but a recovery day after being horizontally sick for a couple of days proved the perfect opportunity.

Was still too blah to leave the house, didn’t want to do any actual work, definitely didn’t want to do any housework, was fed up with reading and watching films… and then my eye fell on my box of dolls.

It’s not a collection as such, just a bunch of dolls I really like from various universes – Ever After High, Monster High, Project MC2, a couple of Disney ones, Barbie of course, and some Breyer dolls from my model horse adventures. And some really need some hair & clothing TLC!

Although it’s not technically a collection, if you have any dolls along these lines you’re getting rid of, please shout!

I’ve been playing with some model horse ideas – keep your eyes peeled for the results of that – and I’ve always loved miniatures. I’ve photographed dolls before although have been terrible at sharing the results, and I’ve also got a series I’m working on called Companions, about meeting my favourite characters of childhood.

I might be the grand old age of 38, but I am still convinced toys come to life when we’re asleep or not looking… how could they not?!

And I have the prettiest sofa in the world.

So a few hours with my cameras and my imagination, and here’s me and Raven Queen, catching up on the sofa, probably commiserating about the weather and how much housework we should be doing, and hatching plans to do good stuff with magic.

And of course now I want to do it with all of them so I can find out all their stories!! And maybe next time I will wear something more fairytale-appropriate…

Bringing them up to human size definitely makes you think about the weird proportions dolls have – but I’m not lingering too long on that because I’m just excited!

Which of your childhood toys would you want to meet in real life if you could?