And just like that, it’s February – another month passed, and another birthday under my belt!

Cake, Nosecco & pebble painting – I know how to rock and roll!

I always think of birthdays as being another chance for reflecting and goal setting, although of course I do this through the year as well. But turning 35 has given me pause for thought.

I’m definitely feeling ready for the next decade or so – looking back over fifteen or so years of adulthood, I’m astounded at the changes I’ve made and the things I’ve achieved.

So I’m excited – and I’m also feeling different. I have more confidence, more mastery of my craft, and my beloved Studio 19 – at long last those things should be able to come together to create the images I’ve carried with me for nearly all of those fifteen years.

My lockdown birthday was strange but lovely, although remembering this time last year when we were free to amble around shops, pop into our favourite cafe for lunch, and have dinner & drinks with friends feels surreal.

Today was tweaking the website and re-sorting all the posts so they’re in the right (new! shiny!) categories, and then this afternoon I’d planned to treat myself to time to work through some new techniques & tutorials which I’ve been wanting to do for ages but just haven’t found the time.

What actually happened is I stood in the queue for the post office in the rain for ages, got back and had a shower to warm up, and then seven minutes into the tutorial had to update Photoshop which took nearly an hour.

A good lesson in patience, maybe?!

Off the back of having this dedicated day each month (coworking with the brilliant Juliet Lockhart to move both of us forward) to keep my personal work on track, I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough in my general scheduling too – very much hoping this will help me keep on track in business, art and life!