Exploring Memories: three approaches

An exhibition of work by Christine Gallant, Chrissie Richards and Carla Watkins.

13 – 23 April 2022

Open Wednesday to Saturday each week

The Sail Loft, Navistitch, 28 High Street, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1AJ

Three artists whose studios are in Ardleigh, Essex, have come together to bring you an exhibition inspired by memories. Using different media including assemblage, collage, printing, painting and photography they have curated an exhibition to intrigue and inspire you.

Carla Watkins

Carla Watkins is a photographer and mermaid with a love of the ethereal, nostalgia and magic. She weaves stories into photographs which could have walked off the pages of a book, and which invite you to find your own stories within them. Living and working on the north Essex coastline (which suits her mermaid heart), her work pulls together memory, imagination and wonder.



Christine Gallant

Christine Gallant is a finder of forgotten objects. Teller of hidden tales. Seeker of extraordinary stories. She works from her studio in Essex, which is a wonderland of curiosities, miniature pieces of history and stories in waiting. She brings together forgotten, found, discarded items to evoke memories and emotions, telling their hidden stories in 3D assemblage, collage or paint.



Chrissie Richards

Chrissie Richards creates innocent quirky collages and paintings that nestle somewhere between abstraction and realism. She weaves together memories of conversations, people, sentiments and moments in time inspired by the landscape of Brightlingsea where she now lives. Her current series of work investigates the image and the narrative behind the swimmer and beach-goers who simultaneously inhabit a private and public persona.