Lifestyle Portraits

Life should be a celebration – of ourselves and the people in our lives.

Modern life is so busy, we rarely get time to just stop and pass time with our loved ones and wonder at the marvel that is our world. The opportunity to catch those moments are even rarer – and yet photographs are precious in a way few other things are.

There are few things lovelier than looking through your photo albums, your yearbooks, your parents’ wedding album – and a sheaf of photos in a box in the attic is one of the most exciting finds!

And not just our people, but ourselves – how often do we document the things which light us up, like a dance class or a rehearsal, time at our sewing machines or our scrapbooks, walks in the park and brunches with our best friends?

That’s where I come in – I’ll capture your world for you to keep forever – precious moments you can enjoy now, and look back on in years to come.

Whether you’re celebrating yourself, a special friendship or family milestones and moments, let me give you the gift of memories.

Ready to catch those precious moments?

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