It’s finally time to bring Mythical Ink to life. A project I conceived nearly five years ago now, it’s high time I let it out into the wild!

Model Call  Mythical Ink - magical and mythical tattoos |

I’m looking for┬ámythical, magical and fantasy based tattoos and their owners. I’m thinking pegasus, dragons, unicorns, wings, castles, mermaids, phoenixes and more… and I’d also love to know the stories behind them.

From “I just fancied it” to memorials of loved ones and everything in between, I adore hearing about why a particular tattoo came into existence almost as much as I love the tattoos themselves.

If you’re willing to pose for me and share your story (can be at my Ardleigh based studio or at a location we choose together), you’ll get the high resolution digital images in return for your time & your consent for me to use the photographs in my project, including on the blog & social media.

I’m based in Colchester, Essex but would love to hear from you wherever you are – if I can work a shoot into existing or future travel plans, I will!


Drop me an email telling me who you are, what your tattoo is and where you’re based – – and let’s chat!

Pinnable image: