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Stolen Moments | Singlehood series | Carla Watkins Photography | carlawatkinsphotography.comA series celebrating single life in all its messy, happy glory.

Stemming from my own choice to remain single through my late twenties and early thirties (and beyond), I want to show every side of being single – because there is so much more to it than marking time between relationships.

And because despite society at large being convinced that alone = lonely, far greater loneliness can be found in the wrong relationship than when you’re navigating life solo. Whether by choice or by circumstance.

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Short SightShort Sight | a personal project by Carla Watkins Photography |

If I had a penny for every time someone has asked to try on my glasses, and has been surprised at just how bad my eyesight is, I could retire tomorrow a rich woman!

And then I tried on the glasses of someone else, over my own, and realised that what they see through mine is nothing like what I see without mine.

This series is an attempt to show what the world looks like when you’re short sighted and don’t have corrected vision.

This project lives mainly over on my business & branding site, but you can get a sneak preview here!

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New Roots

Are roots about where you’ve come from or where you choose to be?

I never intended to live in Essex or Suffolk at all, but through happenstance, coincidence and serendipity, it has become home like nowhere else has ever been.

My original roots will always be wherever my parents are, and in the places I and they have lived around the world – my heritage.

But New Roots is my home region and people through my eyes and my lens… an ongoing project to document the places and people around which I am choosing to put down my own roots.

This project mainly lives over on my branding photography site, but you can sneak preview here!

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Forthcoming projects:

Mythical Ink

It’s no secret I love mythical creatures and all things magical, but I also harbour a secret love of tattoos – not least because I’m far too much of a wuss to have one myself.

This project holds my exploration of mythical tattoos, the people who have them and the stories behind them – from castles to dragons, witches to mermaids and everything in between!