Fabulous beach photo by the brilliant Sarah Wayte Creative. It was November and BLOODY FREEZING, but so worth it!

It’s been such an exciting week – over the weekend I was in i news – both online and a full page feature in the actual newspaper too! Brilliant journalist Emily interviewed me and also Grace Page, fab founder of Hire A Mermaid.

With a documentary on the US merfolk out today, and the live action Little Mermaid due out on Friday, it’s a perfect time to live your mermaid dreams!

On a very personal note, my younger self is so proud – my body confidence has come such a long way since my teens, and despite the inevitable silly comments whenever my tails and I find ourselves in the public eye for a bit, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Read the full article here: https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/mermaids-make-living-underwater-fish-tails-shell-bras-2351611