While exploring the beautiful island of Rhodes today, I met these two beauties.

This little lady was having a whale of a time jumping, pouncing and climbing around all the tables at the bar. I don’t know her name, but she was very sweet.

Kitten at the Mojito beach bar, Rhodes | Carla Watkins Photography | carlawatkinsphotography.com

And this doglet was waiting patiently in the shade, looking rather lovely despite the heat.

Black dog lying down at the Mojito bar, Rhodes | Carla Watkins Photography | carlawatkinsphotography.com

I’ll post the images of the colourful, quirky bar that is the Mojito when I can get at my main editing screen – it was a great place to stop, with a pickup truck BBQ and some very exciting mocktails (I’d have gone for cocktails, but it was 10.30am!).

And my beloved Dad, who I lost suddenly in March, came here with Mum in September, and absolutely loved it. So it was good to feel close to him too. It feels like a long time since I have picked up my camera to capture my world, because my world fell apart when he died.

Kitten + doglet + a happy memory + camera + yummy juice = a good day on this gentle recovery retreat with Mum and family.

And there are lots more photos to follow.