… digital scenery, at least!

If you’ve been around for a while you’ll notice things having a bit of a spring clean, clear out and polish – yay!

I’ve embarked on a year-long intention to make space for my practice and actually get some of the images in my head out into the world – and the first stop is making sure I have a place to put them.

And now I do.

Via some swearing and some clever plugins, admittedly – but here it is!

Major changes are that I’ve pared back my client offerings to the things I both love and am really good at – which are mermaid and boudoir photography over here (brand photography still lives over at carlawatkins.com if you need glorious shots of your business, and alter ego/larp/character work still lives at unfurlingyourwings.com).

Otherwise, I’m all about the fantasy and fairytale, costume and character, personal work with a magical touch – projects which make my heart sing.

Because god knows we need some escapism and some joy more than ever right now!

To 2021 being a year of unexpected creativity!

Carla x