Tales of Tails

April 2022 – ongoing

Where there’s a tail, there’s a tale… and mermaids love books just as much as humans do!

Inspired by books, my own favourite mermaid tail and some treasure collected from Frinton beach in the winter of 2022, this series is an ongoing body of work based around books, memories and the sea.

Novel Depths

Memory Tides

Lost Library

Behind the scenes

Originally inspired by a walk on a chilly Frinton beach, I’d been planning work for the Exploring Memories joint exhibition when this series demanded to be made.

Finishing all three initial pieces in time for the exhibition opening meant several 6am bedtimes, taking my editing kit (including my giant monitor) on a writing retreat, and some swearing.

It’s the first time I’ve worked at this size for conceptual work and waiting for the prints to arrive was nerve-wracking – but I squeaked with delight when they did.

 Following the pandemic years when my tail got very little use, and coinciding with finding a wild swimming group near the gallery and supporting a protest while wearing a mermaid tail, Tales of Tails has brought its own brand of magic with it. 

There are several more planned for this series, so stay in touch and I’ll keep you posted when they’re released. 

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