New Roots

Are roots about where you’ve come from or where you choose to be? I never intended to live in Essex or Suffolk at all, but through happenstance, coincidence and serendipity, it has become home like nowhere else has ever been.

I’ve bought my first home here, completely overhauled the house and the garden, built the office of my dreams in what used to be my garage and have an epic studio and artist community a few minutes drive away. Now I’m creating my long term life here with the help of some amazing friends (and my two daft kittens) – and I want to get to know my local area better.

My original roots will always be Mum and Dad, and in the places I and they have lived around the world – my heritage.

But New Roots is my home region and people through my eyes and my lens… an ongoing project to document the places and people around which I am choosing to put down my own roots.