I’m writing this from my first exhibition – we’re at the lovely Navistitch on Manningtree High Street.

Exploring Memories: three approaches is a joint exhibition from three artists whose studios are in Ardleigh, and who work in different media.

This was the catalyst for my new series of miniature, reading mermaids – bringing my love of reading and the sea, collecting beach treasures and books together, along with memories of imaginary friends and the firm belief that my toys came to life at night.

They’ve come together into the start of a new series I love, and hope you will too!

My very talented co-exhibitors are Chrissie Richards, who creates innocent quirky collages and paintings that nestle somewhere between abstraction and realism. She is inspired by the people and landscape where she lives; and Christine A Gallant, who brings together forgotten, found, discarded items to evoke memories and emotions, telling their hidden stories in 3D assemblage, collage or paint.

Find out more about all three of us on the exhibition page, and if you’re near Manningtree on 22nd or 23rd April, come and say hi!

All my work will also be available in my online shop once the exhibition is over, including limited edition prints, open edition small prints, and greetings cards.