This week I have been complimented by several people, which is always lovely. But not on the things I thought I wanted to be complimented on. Instead, people have admired my drive, my gumption and my chosen path. This floored me somewhat, as I rarely feel like I’m doing anything unusual and it can feel like an uphill struggle. (I know this feeling is shared by other solopreneurs, but I often forget to rationalise it!)

In bringing Unfurling Your Wings out into the world over the last few weeks, I’ve faced some of my deepest fears. We all have them, though the exact form varies. Some of mine are that those I love will laugh at me, that it will fall flat, that it was all just a dream in my head and not real work I can do in this world.

Instead, in telling the world about it, talking to people I know and also to people I don’t know, and explaining what I do (and why it is so important to me, and how lifechanging I believe it is for others), a well has been uncovered – of goodwill, of gratitude and of people who unexpectedly understand what it is I’m doing.

Of course not everyone gets it – and that’s ok too. But choosing your own path that’s off the beaten tracks of normal can at times be overwhelming, and lonely, and uncertain. It’s wonderful to be recognised for what you truly are, and not just what you do at the day job. And even more wonderful to know that people think so highly of me!

So thank you, if you’re reading, for seeing through to what matters to me most. I’m rather chuffed.