There’s a wonderful quote my friend Mimi told me once –

“Always wear your invisible crown.”

Your invisible crown means you can be the brilliant being that you are, even on the days when you couldn’t feel further away from queenly or goddess-like.

Your invisible crown is fucking magic, when it’s done right. It carries so many echoes of all my alter ego teachings – that you already are everything you need and want to be, and that you can totally fake it till you make it.

It occurred to me this evening that sometimes, even your invisible crown isn’t cutting it.

Sometimes you just don’t feel right, you’re tired or grumpy or hormonal or upset, or you feel mostly fine but somehow everything just keeps going wrong.

On those days when the invisible crown thing just isn’t doing it for you, it’s nice both to make your crown visible, and also to take it off and give yourself a break.

Some days are best approached with your most comfortable jogging bottoms, the softest top you can find (yes, mine’s a polka dot fluffy hoodie with ears), unbrushed hair and a very visible crown. In your hands. Not on your head.

Carla holding a visible invisible crown

You are totally allowed to put that crown the hell down and indulge in some non-adulting for as long as you need.

Self care is allowed. Self care is necessary. Please don’t feel guilty for putting the crown aside and ignoring the world for a while.

You are still beautiful, still worthy, still loved, when you take off the visible trappings of adulting and show up as who you really are underneath.

I promise.