Just hopping in to record some in progress experiments I’ve been doing as the winter finally gives way to spring.

There’s still a chill in the air, but in the last few days I can go out barefoot without risking frostbite, and I can tolerate not having a jumper on – so obviously, I spent the last of my birthday money on some new crowns and have been experimenting with fairytales again.

It hasn’t been totally plain sailing – it’s been wonderful to pick up my cameras and costumes and play without pressure, but dear god I wish technology worked how it was advertised!

After years of uncertain focus and running back and forth to my camera for every single shot, I was thrilled to find Sony had released and updated a remote app where you could see the live view and shoot in real time – but it is glitchy as fuck, often refuses to shoot or crashes for no reason, so I spent quite a lot of time swearing at my tools instead of actually shooting 😂

But here are a small set of results from one play session!

I’m not certain about the edits on these yet – I’m still figuring out exactly what I want them to look like – but I’m excited to see a dreamy kind of story emerge from my imagination and the camera.